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Are you female, have an interest in beauty and live on planet earth? If so, you may have heard about a popular craze sweeping the beauty world; sleeping on a silk pillow case. It is said that the average person spends around one third of their life sleeping. Why do I instantly feel lazy?!


It is reported that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can tame your mane by helping to keep the bed hair look under control. Apparently, the natural properties of silk help to significantly reduce friction on your hair which reduces split ends and breakage which hinders hair growth. If you are tired of spending your time creating beautiful bouncing curls or wasting your hard-earned dollars on hair styles or blow waves only for it turn flat as a pancake whilst you sleep? Sleeping on a silk pillow case is said to have some impressive results in these areas. Some reviews have actually stated that hair is kept straighter for longer, less knots in the morning and no unsightly bed hair. Curled hair was reported to stay put quite well which could actually reduce your morning primp and prime time. Bonus!


Do you wake up in the morning with a crinkled face from staying in the same sleeping position all night? This can be due to cotton pillow cases as it is turns out cotton is not as gentle on skin and hair as silk. Silk has softer fibres than cotton and does not draw out moisture from your skin the way cotton does as it is less absorbent. Moisture is actually kept close to the skin and helps your skin stay more hydrated when sleeping on silk. It’s sad to think that our nightly routine of serums and other special potions promising to maintain our youth may actually just be getting absorbed by our cotton pillow cases and not by our skin. The other downfall here is if your skin lends itself to being on the drier side, your cotton pillowcase may actually be absorbing more of your products than your poor thirsty skin. This is not ideal for dry skin beauties I would say, particularly in the drying winter months. Not only is this a waste of your hard-earned money, not to mention the time and effort of applying these wonderful potions to our skin. Are silk pillow cases Botox in a pillow without the hefty price tag and scary needle?

In conclusion, it appears that sleeping on a silk pillow case is highly efficacious and could actually help us to have more good hair days than bad. It also seems we could stand to make the most of our skin care as our potions will actually be absorbed by the skin as opposed to providing an expensive drink for our pillow cases. Let’s not forget what I believe is the most important benefit, saving a whole lot of precious time priming ourselves every single day. Hallelujah!

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash