Mane ‘n Tail provides hair care solutions for helping to maintain and achieve long, luxurious, thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair


Hair loss can be a problem for men and women at any age. However most of the time it is completely avoidable and luckily easily reversible.

Once you realise you are losing hair, the most important step is to figures out why.

The top causes of hair loss are:

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Poor diet and disease
  • Incorrect use of products

Now apart from genetics, all of the other hair loss causes can be managed under the right conditions.

Simple things like incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet and getting enough sleep can start to improve your overall wellness and in turn, hair health.

Also most people buy hair products based on fads and not what is best suited to their hair type and individual needs.

Make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use are of good quality. Avoid products that make your hair feel dry/greasy or are harsh on your scalp.

Washing too often or too little can also lead to breakage. Rather than a set routine wash the hair when it feels dirty. This could be everyday if you have a super active lifestyle or up to 2 weeks.

Using a product like Mane 'n Tail will not only improve the condition of your hair but many people have reported and significant increase in hair growth and thickness after use. The conditioner especially contains micro enriched protein which not only stop future damage but also repair split ends.

Hair loss can feel like the end of the world, but with a few changes can be managed completely.