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Summer is undeniably one of the most fun and happiest seasons of the year. Sundresses, flip flops and days spent frolicking at the beach - we wait for them all year and are sad to see them go. However, the summer season isn’t all play and relaxation. When it comes to your hair growth, the heat and dryness that summer brings with it can be a major setback to any growth that you’ve achieved so far. To combat the harsh weather and keep your mane flourishing, upping the ante on your hair care regimen is a must. Thankfully, Mane ‘n Tail is here to save the day with its products that keep your hair feeling its best in any weather. Here’s how to battle the elements and grow your hair long effortlessly in the summer.

During the summer, you may feel like shampooing your hair less is key to keeping it moist and not allowing it to dry out, but it’s actually the other way around when it comes to the summer season. After a day swimming at the beach or out in the sun for a long time, your hair often begins to dry out quite quickly. Salt water can be poison to even the healthiest head of hair. Mane ‘n Tail Shampoos don't strip the hair of its natural goodness. It does just the opposite, allowing you to get that salt water out of your hair without any drying drawbacks. This almost 50 year old shampoo and conditioner brand hydrates and cleanses while providing strength, shine and manageability keeping your hair supple, protected and in optimal condition even in the hottest of weather. With Mane ‘n Tail’s strengthening and cleansing properties setting the perfect stage for healthy growth, growing your hair long no longer seems impossible.

Aside from robbing your precious tresses of their moisture, exposure to the sun also damages the hair fibre itself. If you’re not into wearing hats and keeping your hair covered up all day, ensure your hair is getting a good dose of conditioning. You can make the most of the heat by lathering your hair with your favourite conditioning treatment and laying outside allowing the suns rays to fully penetrate. All of Mane ‘n Tail's conditioners can absolutely be used as a leave in treatment to help keep your strands protected from root to tip.  

Don't fret, there’s no need to abandon those hair goals you have for the year. Instead, keep your hair clean, soft and strong by using your favourite Mane ‘n Tail formula of shampoo and conditioner, ensuring that your hair grows long, full and healthy. If you're unsure of which formula is best for you, we recently wrote a blog titled THE BEST SELLING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER which will definitely guide you in the right direction. 

Regardless of the heat and dryness, you’re sure to keep up your hair’s progress and preserve your beautiful tresses with any Mane ‘n Tail formula of your choice.