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Recently my passion for Mane ‘n Tail was reignited in a big way.

As you may have heard Mane ‘n Tail products are famously known for encouraging hair growth, fullness, length and a whole lot more wonderful benefits. These wonderful benefits are the very reasons why I began my humble business of bringing Mane ‘n Tail products into Australia and making them available to you via my online store – more about that later.

Now back to how my passion for Mane ‘n Tail products was reignited.

To be completely honest, I stopped using Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner for quite a while and actually switched to an all-natural option for reasons unknown. After about six months of using the all-natural option I visited my ridiculously talented hairdresser, Yoshi at Chiseled Hair for a haircut. When he examined my hair, sadly the news wasn’t great and he told me my hair was not in great condition and was in desperate need of some much needed TLC. Immediately I went back using my beloved Mane ‘n Tail and my personal preference is Mane ‘n Tail Color Protect shampoo and conditioner. From time to time I love switching things up and also use Mane ‘n Tail Herbal-Gro shampoo and conditioner.

Fast-forward a few months when I returned to the salon for another trim. This time Yoshi was very impressed with the state of my hair. He said my hair was in a much healthier state as well as being noticeably thicker with some noticeable length as well. An awesome result and I was very happy to hear this. This was the exact moment my passion was reignited for Mane ‘n Tail products. Although I always knew what the almost 50 year old shampoo brand is capable of we all love a little reassurance, especially from a professional. 

My back story…

I personally discovered Mane ‘n Tail (Original shampoo and conditioner) in early 2014 when my BFF suggested I use the shampoo and conditioner to combat a serious case of hair breakage due to stress. After a couple of months of using the Original duo the results were obvious and the comments and compliments were streaming in and again by my hairdresser at that time. She was astounded with my results and I was completely hooked. By the end of that year I was bringing Mane ‘n Tail products into Australia to sell online. Behind is just me, one person, one woman juggling and doing all things Mane ‘n Tail as well as maintaining a part-time job while we grow. A huge thank you to our gorgeous and loyal customers who purchase Mane ‘n Tail month after month and for the love you also have for the products as well.

People who love us…

Australia’s beautiful and talented Sunrise host Sam Armytage revealed her love of Mane ‘n Tail products (not via paid partnership of any kind). We just love her.

On a recent trip to London I was impressed to see the multinational lifestyle retail giants Urban Outfitters even stock Mane ‘n Tail in their London stores.

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