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Every day, we receive emails from people enquiring about which Mane ‘n Tail formula is best for their hair. Here, our aim is to provide a little crash course in Mane ‘n Tail products in an effort to assist anyone who may also like to be informed. Giddy up.


Mane ‘n Tail’s Original shampoo and conditioner was created over 40 years ago by the Katzev family in the US, specifically for horses. Yes that’s right, for horses! The Original is a protein rich formula created to keep horses’ manes and tails healthy, shiny, long, thick and luxurious for equestrian shows. As horses spend day after day out in the element, their manes and tails become dusty, dirty and extremely damaged from sun and wind exposure leaving them prone to seriously brittle and broken hair. You could image the equestrian folks’ surprise when seeing the outstanding results after a period of using the Original shampoo and conditioner. Results included LONGER, FULLER, STRONGER, shinier, more manageable manes and tails. A huge reduction in breakage was also reported.


The equestrian folks were so impressed with the results of their horses lush manes and tails, they decided to take the horse shampoo and conditioner (Original formula) to the shower to use on their own hair. With regular use, they (the humans) received the same amazing results that the horses experienced! After a period, they found their hair became longer, fuller and stronger and noticeably more manageable. From then, Mane ‘n Tail became a huge phenomenon within the beauty industry starting in the US. This was over 20 years ago and since has affectionately become known as the ‘long hair shampoo’.


It is safe to say that month after month our Original shampoo and conditioner has consistently been our best-selling formula to date without exception Australia wide. A few of our customers told us that their doctor recommended they use Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner to promote hair growth. The mere fact that this formula is almost 50 years old is an absolute testament to the brand and its products.

Over time, Mane’ n Tail’s range expanded to include other varieties such as specialised shampoos and conditioners, anti dandruff solutions as well as other hair enhancing treatments, serums, sprays; the list goes on.

Please note: the following formulas mentioned were developed for human use only. Mane'n Tail's Original formula was Sorry no horses allowed passed this point.


Herbal-Gro as well as Deep Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner both are the next best-selling formulations.

Deep Moisturizing; as the name itself reveals, is the perfect solution for hair in need of extra moisture and tending toward dry and damaged. A friend of mine has used this formula for last eight years. Her hair is salon bleached every four weeks or so. Her hairdresser is genuinely impressed with the optimal condition of her bleach treated hair. I would like to point out that this formula is not overly heavy and offers the perfect amount of moisture without weighing down the hair. Packed with Vitamin E and Pro- Vitamin B5, this micro-enriched little gem naturally replenishes hair and locks in moisture for full hydration and repair.

Herbal-Gro is formulated with natural herbs blended with an olive oil complex to nourish and strengthen hair from root to tip. It is a nice gentle formulation designed to help prevent breakage, frizz and split ends. Herbal-Gro is perfectly safe for chemically treated hair.

Color Protect is exactly as the name suggests, for colour treated hair. Personally, this formula works wonders on my colour treated hair and has done so for years! Honestly, I love the way my hair retains its vibrant colour in between salon visits as well as protecting it from the harsh weather ailments it is forced to endure on a daily basis. If your hair is coloured, it definitely deserves some extra TLC and this formula is a wonderful contender for colour vibrancy.

Detangler is an impressive pH balanced formula and super easy to use. Detangler helps to eliminate tangles, knots and the appearance of split ends and can be used on either wet or dry hair. As well as keeping your mane knot free, it also softens the hair. The natural herbal extracts help to nourish, strengthen and fortify hair which in turn helps prevent hair loss due to breakage.

The table below should help you to decipher which Mane ‘n Tail solution best suits your hair type. When trying a shampoo and conditioner for the first time, it may be a matter of tweaking your choice as time goes on to find the perfect combination for you. A different shampoo and conditioner may be necessary. For example, some customers choose to pair the Original shampoo with the Deep Moisturizing conditioner. The combination possibilities are endless.


Hair type

Mane ‘n Tail formulation

Thin & limp hair, thin & curly/wavy hair, damaged hair or evidence of breakage. Basically hair in dying need of repair, strength, length & fullness

Original formulation

Dry, weak or damaged hair or evidence of breakage

Deep Moisturizing formulation

Sensitive scalp/hair, thick frizzy, thick curly/wavy hair or as a gentle hair care option

Herbal Gro formulation

Colour or chemical treated hair

Color Protect formulation


2in1 Anti dandruff formulation

Tangled, knotty, weak & unmanageable hair



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