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It goes like this: cold water good, hot water bad. It really is that simple, with a couple of exceptions of course.

Setting the right temperature for washing your hair is important as it actually the main influence for how your hair dries and styles. Keeping your water on the cooler side is claimed to be the ideal temperature for washing your hair although it can be argued that hot water is more effective in cleaning your hair.


Hot water helps to open up the hair cuticle which is important for both shampooing and conditioning stages of your hair wash regime. This ensures your hair will be optimally cleaned as it allows the build-up of dirt and oils to be removed effectively.

Rinsing your hair with hot water can leave your scalp dehydrated resulting in frizzy hair and full of static. It can also damage the hair roots which leads to weak hair and puts you at risk of premature greying. Eeeek!


While washing your hair with cold water can be completely unpleasant, there are actually many benefits if you dare to brave the coldness.

 As washing your hair with warmer water opens hair cuticles and assists in cleaning hair thoroughly, conversely, cold water closes the hair cuticle. Closed cuticles protect the scalp from dirt, grease and oil getting in. It also protects from excess shedding which naturally occurs. Cold water also leaves your hair more shiny and frizz free. As the cuticle closes after a cold wash, especially on the final rinse, this helps to protect your hair damage which will result in healthy, shiny, frizz free hair for longer.

 Cold water also reduces the volume of hair which can prove not so great for those with naturally thin hair. On the other hand, those with a full thick mane, hoping for a reduction in volume will definitely prevail. I can attest to this fact. Once I stayed in a hotel where the hot water was on the blink and therefore I forced to take a cold shower a I NEEDED to wash my hair. Thankfully it was a warmer climate so not utterly unbearable. Anyway, the result astounded me. As I dried and styled my hair, I found it was noticeably thinner and softer which was a bonus for me.

In conclusion, it is evident that warm to hot water is highly effective for actually cleaning the hair from oil, dirt and product build-up. It is important to ensure the final rinse is with cold or cool water to protect your hair and maintain overall hair health.   

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Photo by Laura Marques on Unsplash